Saturday, 21 January 2012

Oh! Kano of Blood and Bile

Series of blasts invaded us yesterday
Some of our lives were cast away
But we continue to bray
Before we end up never keeping them at bay

Like the lost of the famed groundnut pyramid
We were left insipid and crannied
But like a whizz-kid not wicked
We will not remain pallid and torpid

We’ll fight for our right
Even as things are not aright
And we are not alright
We will keep fighting until things are brightly right

Oh! Kano of walls and pottery
Embroidered with simple gaudery
We, you people, have been left weary and teary
In no lapidary quandary                  

We are truly in disarray
Dismayingly in dismay
As we run to lands so faraway
Leaving our land in decay

Like the Kofar Matar Dyeing pits
We are dying as the blast hits
Who are the culprits
Who have left us in the dark not lit

Peace and tolerance we pray
In our land full of clay
Lest we continue to slay
As each other we betray

Oh! To live in harmony we yearn
As crisis with one another we forever adjourn
Never again to each other fight and burn
But to live in unity, northern and southern

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