Friday, 27 January 2012


Looking back at my yesterday can ne’er change my past
even my getting anxious can ne’er make me ever steadfast
as distractions and interruptions come and go
‘cause I need only pursue my goal like no bozo

Oh! Life is delightfully short and long
I need only embrace it faithfully as I travel along
often rising high and low like a rollercoaster
listening to my inner voice like a no scrounging cadger

Oh! It’s my own choice to make
and I needn’t delay it
lest I die of heartache before daybreak
achieving not my goal and at the end quit

Oh! I have a goal, I have a dream
though I often slip and fall on the trip
I have to always strive with eyes agleam
achieving my goal without a flip

It’s time to let things go
and to lovingly embrace my goal
following it like a maestro
achieving it with no loophole

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