Sunday, 2 November 2014

Nigerian Lords and Swords

My country is full of lords
Who with corruptive swords
Castrate progress and dress in robes
Of sleaze and venality beyond mild scopes

They take sumptuous breakfast
Enjoying without thinking to cast
Crumbs to virtue’s breaking table
And breaking stability’s enduring cable

O-oh, Nigeria of lords and swords
My tearful eyes cry like no lords
And my cracking lips vomit vibes
Against the reign and conquest of spites

I don’t know like He knows
But before the cock crows
I’ll set forth at dawn
Mowing my vice-full lawn

O-oh, Nigeria of lords and swords
Break not my heart’s breaking cords
I love you, Nigeria, my ancestral land

Dry my tears and sweats with truth’s cooling fan

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