Friday, 27 January 2012


Looking back at my yesterday can ne’er change my past
even my getting anxious can ne’er make me ever steadfast
as distractions and interruptions come and go
‘cause I need only pursue my goal like no bozo

Oh! Life is delightfully short and long
I need only embrace it faithfully as I travel along
often rising high and low like a rollercoaster
listening to my inner voice like a no scrounging cadger

Oh! It’s my own choice to make
and I needn’t delay it
lest I die of heartache before daybreak
achieving not my goal and at the end quit

Oh! I have a goal, I have a dream
though I often slip and fall on the trip
I have to always strive with eyes agleam
achieving my goal without a flip

It’s time to let things go
and to lovingly embrace my goal
following it like a maestro
achieving it with no loophole

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


A new day has broken
So the morning breeze whispered to me
And I can see our faces beautifully brazen
More than I can see in any alley

Oh! It’s a new day
And I’m seeing all things new
Shining beyond the sun’s ray
As we join the day’s crew brightly as blue

Oh! Pals in all locales
Jump down happily from your bed
And begin to sing melodies like chorales
In tunes never in history said

Oh! Forever keep smiling
It’s a terrifically nice day
Super and marvelously blooming
Clearing life’s bushy crossway

Are we not seeing it
It’s joy everywhere I see
Anybody there to admit
I can see reflections beyond the acme

Yes! I’m seeing it
And you are seeing it
We are all seeing it
We will forever continue to see it

It’s going to be an all-through wonderful day
I can hear us saying yes to that
As we walk gingerly like on a breezeway
Encouraging one another even with just a pat

It’s the newest day
And I know you are all happy
It’s not a mere hearsay
‘Cause I can see you not blowzy

Let’s keep on pals
And make the day not a doomsday
Let’s all have decals
And begin to shout hip hip hip hurrah

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Oh! Kano of Blood and Bile

Series of blasts invaded us yesterday
Some of our lives were cast away
But we continue to bray
Before we end up never keeping them at bay

Like the lost of the famed groundnut pyramid
We were left insipid and crannied
But like a whizz-kid not wicked
We will not remain pallid and torpid

We’ll fight for our right
Even as things are not aright
And we are not alright
We will keep fighting until things are brightly right

Oh! Kano of walls and pottery
Embroidered with simple gaudery
We, you people, have been left weary and teary
In no lapidary quandary                  

We are truly in disarray
Dismayingly in dismay
As we run to lands so faraway
Leaving our land in decay

Like the Kofar Matar Dyeing pits
We are dying as the blast hits
Who are the culprits
Who have left us in the dark not lit

Peace and tolerance we pray
In our land full of clay
Lest we continue to slay
As each other we betray

Oh! To live in harmony we yearn
As crisis with one another we forever adjourn
Never again to each other fight and burn
But to live in unity, northern and southern

Monday, 16 January 2012


Now, we’re lining up to school and work
At the end of a crazy quirk
Going berserk
We still sleep and rise in a murk

Oh! The face of corruption
Is shining brightly in a nation
Where religion goes on with no much comprehension
As power leads more and more to confusion

Oh! Peace and progress we seek
Even as things are everyday going bleak
We are creaking like our fellows around the creek
Waiting for the day we will no longer reek