Friday, 30 December 2011


A New Year is coming without fear
As we wait joyfully with no tear
Love’s coming to make us happier
As we aspire to become better

It’s an opportunity to live again
Even though we’ve been beaten by the rain
Another year is coming with love we cannot comprehend
However we try to apprehend

As we now begin anew
Let’s ask Him to fill us with grace like the early morning dew
That in spite of our weak will
Him, we shall serve still

We may do nothing
Just like we have not a thing
And the world may esteem us not
But happiness shall be our lot

The past is a gone history
Let’s begin to live our life’s new story
Helping one another whatever betide
Walking calmly against life’s stormy tide

Wishing you all a happy New Year
Even if you’ve got nothing new to wear
There’s hope in a future
No matter how little is our stature

Sunday, 25 December 2011


another bomb-blast
like the wind, it came so fast
trapping us in an old mesh
making our old wounds fresh

when will it end
we are finding it hard to fend
as we live trying never to hate
but that seems to be our fate

we try to make peace
but we end up piece by piece
we know no longer where to start
as we can’t but part

we are in distress
passing through stress
trying to express
our agony, as our injuries  we dress

we lament
lying in torment
as our families are now gone
and we’ve become lone

alone, we are in a crowd
we are no longer proud
we are dying just by lying
with eyes wide open sighing

Saturday, 24 December 2011


Someday someway
Things will become as clear as clay
Shining and ever-crescent
Beyond an evanescent

Someday someway
Will be the sun’s ray
Overshadowing all I had to pay
To reach my destined day

Someday someway
Things will come to bare
In a way so rare
That I will no longer fear

Someday someway
I’m waiting for that day
When it will come
Lovingly to my home