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Innocent Inalegwu Alifa is my name. I was born and raised in Nigeria where I spent most of my time reading, travelling, or in riverie. Over the years, I've learnt to live with the fact that I am happiest when I'm creating something: when I'm writing. If I can ignite a flicker of hope in your soul; if I can instil in you a grain of confidence; if I can inspire you to write, then I feel my blogging has not been an exercise of futility. It feels great to know that you stopped by at my blog. It means so much to me. As you scroll down, do not forget to add yourself to my followers' list.

Richard Doiron's poem is apt in describing my mind-stream...


If you like my work and would like me to write a poem for an event or a person, you could contact me. And if you want to advertise on my blog or be a guest writer, feel free to contact me via dos2good2@yahoo.com or https://twitter.com/innoalifa.

Tons and tons of appreciation to you all for taking out time to visit my blog. You are part of my world; part of my blogging experience... but before you go to the next page, take a writeful ride with the following words in tablet:


Even though your visit today is irreplaceable, your visit tomorrow will be different. It will not be merely a routine formula but a form of blessing, a kind of friendship, an expression of love and support. Thank you!

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