Thursday, 17 January 2013

The River of my Heart

The idea of this poem jumped into my consciousness when I was typing a school work. We come into being and go out of being. However, what we do in our life span defines our sojourn on earth. In the lines, I describe the attitude of purpose, consistency and gratitude as we ride through life's convoluted mysteries...

Taking life calmly
Doing one thing at a time
With a purpose
As steady as a clock

Tenderly and soothingly
With a thin shrill voice
I weave words
By interlacing different strands of thought

Knowing life is a mystery
Interlocked in layers of history
I move gently
Accepting the mystery of my world

Remaining consistent
In my persistent trial-and-error
I progress in becoming
And living my heart’s true call

When the tide of life is high
And I know not what to do
I rest in recollection
As I swim in the river of my heart

When night comes
And bids me refreshment in sleep
I go to bed
Grateful for the day


  1. So beautiful Innocent. Thank you for sharing. "I swim in the river of my heart..." I went for a walk yesterday, down to the Clyde river, close to where I live ... it is in full flood and I thought, I will sit by it, and inspiration will come. But I couldn't write anything .. I observed of it, but didn't 'feel' it ... maybe I just didn't stay long enough, and maybe I was worried about my dog, who kept dashing off after rabbits and I was worried he would fall in to the river and be carried away.

    But perhaps, I needed to close my eyes and let the Clyde flow into "the river of my heart" and swim with it, not against it. Make a connection. Thank you Innocent, for your wonderful image.

    1. Just like there are times we desire to write but end up writing nothing, there are times when we never thought of writing, yet we end up writing and writing and writing... such is the experience of nearly every artist... I really do appreciate your reading Amanda and of course, there is a connection between my little poem and your experience... Cheers!

  2. "When the tide of life is high
    And I know not what to do
    I rest in recollection..."

    Not just full of wisdom...but so true in my own life. I find rest in recollection, like soaking in warm water. Great stuff!

    1. I'm happy we share something in common... thank you so plentiful for reading... may we keep recollecting that we may keep writing...