Sunday, 5 February 2012

Singing, Blessing and Aiding

Life runs for only a time
Do the best you can to be in line
Doing maybe just a kind deed
Helping those in need

To live fully each day
Let your light freely shine along the way
Even as days roll and roll
You may heal a sinking soul

Lovingly stand
As you offer a helping hand
Lifting even but a traveller’s load
As you travel life’s rugged road

Let your life
Float as you hold a fife
Singing, blessing and aiding
The children, the young and even the ageing

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Live Gently, Happ’ly with One Another

Can I liken life to eternity?
I ask you all this brightly calm morning
Even as things pass by like a sherry
Coming and going as we are ageing
I’m wondering as I look high above
Is this how someday we will all depart?
Yes, day by day, we will go like a dove
But life remains like a beautiful tart
We will fly and soar like the birds on high
Just like we will go, returning to earth
Today let us with gentle love not pry
But let us with great kindness like a firth
Live gently, happ’ly with one another
As we sightsee through life with no anger