Tuesday, 24 January 2012


A new day has broken
So the morning breeze whispered to me
And I can see our faces beautifully brazen
More than I can see in any alley

Oh! It’s a new day
And I’m seeing all things new
Shining beyond the sun’s ray
As we join the day’s crew brightly as blue

Oh! Pals in all locales
Jump down happily from your bed
And begin to sing melodies like chorales
In tunes never in history said

Oh! Forever keep smiling
It’s a terrifically nice day
Super and marvelously blooming
Clearing life’s bushy crossway

Are we not seeing it
It’s joy everywhere I see
Anybody there to admit
I can see reflections beyond the acme

Yes! I’m seeing it
And you are seeing it
We are all seeing it
We will forever continue to see it

It’s going to be an all-through wonderful day
I can hear us saying yes to that
As we walk gingerly like on a breezeway
Encouraging one another even with just a pat

It’s the newest day
And I know you are all happy
It’s not a mere hearsay
‘Cause I can see you not blowzy

Let’s keep on pals
And make the day not a doomsday
Let’s all have decals
And begin to shout hip hip hip hurrah

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